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Mandeep Singh

Power of Attorneys Under Mandeep Singh

Medical Power of Attorney

May be necessary when you are unconscious, under anaesthesia or you become mentallybincompetent to make decision. Engaging a medical power of attorney before the occurrence of such critical conditions quite vital. One of your trusted family members or friends can be appointed on your behalf.

Enduring Power of Attorney

If you are unable to manage you previously set appointments, engagements or affairs, you should go for an Enduring Power of Attorney. It will allow someone else to take care of all the tasks on your behalf with confidence.

Child Care Power of Attorney

We at Legal Concerns can assist you in determining the best individuals to act as guardians of your children on your behalf. This Power of Attorney enables you to designate another adult to make decision for your child if you cannot for valid reasons. However, it doesn't require you to give up your parental or custodial rights.

Enduring Power of Attorney

Child Care Power of Attorney

If you are facing some complexities regarding power of attorney, you can consider to make an appointment with us and review the situation.

Arnab Ghosh Roy

Power of Attorney Under Arnab Ghosh Roy

Financial Power of Attorney

A financial power of attorney authorizes an individual whom you trust to make decisions regarding your financial matters. It typically effective upon the occurrence of a future event in case you become incapacitated or incompetent. By playing and development your skills in an online casino, you will be able to overcome various blocks that will help you through your life.

Gagandeep Jassal

Power of Attorney Under Gagandeep Jassal

Without engaging a power of attorney, it might be difficult for your family to help make decisions if you become incompetent ornincapacited due to some reasons.

Power of Attorney Service in Melbourne

Engaging a power of attorney includes appointing someone you trust To manage certain responsibilities when you are no longer available.