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The IAA is a new tribunal set up as a part of the fast track assessment process. The IAA will provide a limited review of fast track reviewable decisions. While in many cases a hearing will not be provided, we strongly recommend you obtain advice about how to prepare your appeal. With short time-frames involved, it is important to contact us as soon as possible after learning your case has been referred to the IAA.


The Refugee Review Tribunal and Migration Review Tribunal have now become a part of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). The AAT is responsible for providing an independent review process for visa refusals and cancellation decisions made by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. We strongly recommend that you have a migration lawyer represent you at your AAT hearing. Legal Concerns offers expertise in appeal process and can help prepare your case and advocate for you at your hearing.



Judicial review of a migration decision is a difficult and complex process. Legal Concerns has vast experience in the court process and can provide you with clear, cost-effective and quality advice and assistance with your appeal. We maintain a strong relationship with many other practitioners and organisations such as Victoria Legal Aid and the Victorian Bar, Refugee Legal Services ensuring the advice you are given is always of the highest quality.


Applying to become an Australia Citizen is an exciting final step in the migration journey for many people. Legal Concerns can assist you with this process and help you prepare and manage your application.
Due to recent proposed changes in the law that are resulting in delays, it is important to obtain legal advice about this process.


The Minister for Immigration and Border Protection and his delegates have the power to cancel any visa in certain situations. Recently, the Australian Government has increased the power to cancel visas and has introduced mandatory cancellation requirements in some situations.
Legal Concerns has extensive experience in cancellation matters, including running strategic cases to clarify the law in this area. We also provide advice on Criminal matters to ensure you understand the migration implications of any actions taken on your criminal case.
We provide high quality service in charter, identification and public interest criteria affecting matters, Health issues, false information and false documents and cancellation and grants of bridging visas along with status resolution.
There are often short time-frames for response involved in cancellation matters and we recommend you contact our office as soon as possible in relation to this type of matter.


Public bodies such as Federal and State Government Departments, local councils, schools and universities make decisions which have a significant impact on our lives. These decisions are not always made correctly, and may need to be challenged.
Judicial review is the main legal process used to hold public bodies accountable and contest wrong decisions. In other words, judicial review scrutinises the process by which a public official arrives at a decision, ensuring that:
The decision maker was granted the power to make the decision, and
Any qualifications or preconditions for the exercise of that power was satisfied.
We can assist clients who may be unlawfully treated as a result of maladministration, negligence, procedural errors or unreasonable decision making.
We are able to assist you in all aspects of judicial review, including
Immigration related-decisions
including negative decisions by the Immigration Assessment Authority;
Environmental and planning law; and
Freedom of Information
It is important to act as quickly as possible if you want to lodge a judicial review case. Depending on whether you are lodging a case for judicial review against a state or federal public body, there may be varying limitation periods that apply.


Some cases require to make a request to the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection to intervene in migration matter. In early 2016 the government changed some of the circumstances of when to successfully request intervention and seek natural justice by the concerned authorities.
Legal Concerns has vast experience in making requests to the Minister. We understand that many compelling and compassionate circumstances arise that sometimes fall outside of the visa criteria and require the direct intervention of the Minister for Immigration.


Australia has a complex detention system which includes a network of detention centres, often located in remote parts of the country. We can work with you or your family member if they are located in detention to initiate process for their release from detention.


Permanent Protection visas Temporary Protection visas Safe Haven Enterprise visas (SHEV) International Treaty and Obligation Assessments (ITOAs) Offshore refugee and humanitarian visas


Temporary skill shortage visa (482)
Skill Select Program
General skilled visas
Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme
Employer Nomination Scheme


Partner visas
Prospective marriage
Child visas
Parent visas
Carer visas
Remaining relative visas


Working Holiday
Medical Treatment visa
Business visas
Distinguished talent Sport visas

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