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Our mission is to bring together top legal minds to open the Australian commercial, migration and property markets, locally and globally. With services ranging from complex corporate advisory and fundraising to property and immigration, we can help set up your company, investment or your migration needs and ensure you meet the regulatory requirements.


The Law Institute Victoria (LIV) is a Legal society in the Australian state of Victoria. It is the professional association for solicitors in Victoria, making rules to regulate their practice, and representing them to governments and other bodies. The Institute was founded in 1859. The current President, since 1 January 2019, is Stuart Webb and the current CEO is Adam Awty.


Migration Alliance is a membership organisation made up of Registered Migration Agents
with the aims of:

  • Leading the Migration advice profession through the provision of expert advice to Government and consumers.
  • Providing effective representation of both the Alliance and consumers to the Government.
  • Providing practical assistance and support to the membership.
  • Fostering co-operation between members for the betterment of the Profession and to discharge the trust vested in the Profession to provide expert and independent advice to consumers in the National Interest.
  • Assisting the consumer through practical support to the non-commercial sector in the provision of expert pro-bono advice.
  • Promoting a culture of integrity.
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